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LeSUN N69 Autumn 2018 coverDear friends,

This will be the last issue of Le SUN you’ll be reading for the time being – in a magazine format, at least.

My children have now both left home to study, and so it’s time for a change of direction for me as publisher. Le SUN has been a huge part of my life since I arrived back in France after living in the UK for many years. I co-founded the English-speaking BritsNîmes association in 2004, and then started the magazine two years later, as I wanted to share all the invaluable information that came out of the association’s meetings in writing so that everybody could benefit.

The magazine has been a fantastic adventure – meeting so many wonderful people, numerous discoveries, learning so much, travelling, visiting, eating... I’ve enjoyed every minute!


As the mother of two Anglo-French kids, Le SUN has also helped me enormously on a personal basis through the years, including your feedback and articles on raising bilingual children, experiences with mixed-nationality couples, stories of expat life and much more – it’s so important to feel we are not alone.

I would like to thank all of you - my lovely team (past and present), our contributors and you, our readers, you’ve given us so much energy and positivity through the years.

I would also like to thank all our advertisers who’ve made the magazine possible over the years - and a special “thank you” goes to AXA agence Stoker in Nîmes, who have supported us from the very beginning. However, even though the magazine itself is no more, we’ll be continuing to post articles and items of interest on our Facebook page, so why not check in and join us on www.facebook.com/LPSUN to keep up with what’s going on?


Thank you again – it’s been a wonderful 12-year journey, and you will all stay in my heart and my memory forever.

Laurence Boxall


Cover artist: Annette Morris




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