Airports in Occitanie in 2016

  • 10 airports
  • 11.7 million passengers (2.9 million visitors)
  • 1.6 billion euros visitors spending per yea
  • 1.3 billion euros in Occitanie
  • 1% of the GDP in Occitanie

airports in occitanie in 2016


Typecast me not by Kathleen Hruska

Living in a foreign country can be full of adventure and excitement, with new and diverse cultures, food and people around every corner. It can also be frustrating, intimidating, and generally difficult. Whether positive or negative, our daily interpersonal interactions, no matter how large or minute, can greatly impact our mood and quality of life.

What kind of stereotypes have you experienced during your time abroad?

Did you have any yourself prior to arriving?

Were they positive or negative?

Typecast me not


Sweets and bubbly by Colin Trickett

Sweets and bubblyAs we approach that time of year again, these wines which may not normally form a major part of our consumption, come to the forefront.


SING ALONG, Avignon!

SING ALONG AvignonWhat is that? It’s a call... Lola’s call.. Lola, who moved from Paris only a year ago, inviting people here to get together around one optimistic idea: LEARNING ENGLISH as a way to build up self-confidence and humanity, a way to become an independent individual and yet fully be part of something bigger than the self, a way to find meaning. So why learn English, why through songs and why put on a show at the end of the year? Because English is the most spoken language in the world and singing is such an efficient tool for remembering foreign expressions.


What is a Chasseur Immobilier and why you would need one? by Dennelle Taylor Nizoux

What is a Chasseur Immobilier and why you would need oneIn 2016 I spent about 600 hours getting a Bachelors degree in French Real Estate. The material was dense (law, regulations, construction techniques etc), and all in French. I’m very proud to say I earned the degree with honors — a lot of champagne was consumed celebrating that success, I can assure you!


Contemplating death and dying as expats by Metrice Harris-Weedman

Contemplating death and dying as expatsAs an expat, there are moments when I miss having proximity to loved ones. Over the years, my family and I have missed weddings, births, and many number and many key life moments. While our inner circles of distant supporters have been understanding, I can’t shake the feeling the lifestyle we have chosen comes at a cost.


Photo: Evening light on a mazet near Magalas © Donna Corbett.