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Claire Savarino

Claire SavarinoClaire Savarino moved from England to the sunny South of France in July 2010 with her French husband. They recently settled in the beautiful town of Nîmes. Most of her days are spent looking after her 6 month old boy and 6 year old French bulldog. She recently created a Facebook group called Mamans à Nîmes who hold frequent socialising events and support each other through the exciting journey of motherhood. When she’s not doing this you can find her latin dancing or organising something. She loves travelling and making stuff. Her moto, "If you can dream it, you can do it" & "surround yourself with good people".

Amy Desj L’Heureux

Amy Desj L HeureuxAmy Desj L’Heureux lives in Nîmes centre. She is a University of Virginia graduate with a Masters in Education. She teaches pre-school children and has two daughters Evelyn (4) and Amelia (2).

Bijan Omrani

Bijan OmraniBijan Omrani is a classicist and historian. He formerly taught at Eton College and Westminster School. He is known as a writer of Latin verse, including a Horatian Ode to the 2012 London Olympics. His previous books include a history of the Silk Road, though he is just as happy wandering the old Roman roads of Provence.

Britta Brand

Britta BrandBritta Brand is a half British - half German jewellery designer — she moved from London to Uzès 16 years ago. She travelled France for years before she decided to trade London’s busy life for a slower and more mindful lifestyle in Uzès. Her children being now older and more independent allow her to indulge in her passion again – working with her hands and making jewellery.

Dennelle Taylor Nizoux

Dennelle Taylor NizouxDennelle Taylor Nizoux is a bilingual American who’s lived in France since 2000 and adores the South of France, which in many ways reminds her of her native California. She worked in management for 15 years in a global telecommunications company, in roles as varied as Finance, Strategic Development, Marketing and Project Management. She first became interested in providing solutions to English-speaking retirees in France when she was researching the possibility of moving her parents closer to her family and their only grandchildren.

Mary-Catherine Lombard

Mary-Catherine Lombard is an American professional counselor who also teaches English at the University of Montpellier. Her students include both French learning scientific English and Americans studying abroad for credit back home. After spending 20+ years in New Orleans where she directed a non-profit organization, she and her French husband decided to move to the Montpellier area in 2008. Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath became a deciding factor in prompting the family to move to France, as well as their belief that it was also the ideal time for their son to become fully bilingual and reclaim his French roots. She joined AWGLR soon after arriving, and has served as President since 2015.