Annette has been living and working in Hérault since 2008. She has been creative all her life, holding her first art exhibition in 1995 and undertaking dozens of commissions since. One of her paintings was selected to represent a National Park, but sales have never been her primary focus.


A freelance website designer and marketing consultant, Annette is also the founder of Urban Sketchers Languedoc (a local chapter of the internationally recognised community) and Director of ErinHill Sketching France.


Annette organises a meet-up for Urban Sketchers Languedoc at least once a month in a variety of locations. These are free events for anyone with an interest in painting or drawing to get together and sketch to share their own artistic impressions of this wonderful region.


Cover artist Annette Morris 2Having worked in watercolour, gouache, pastels, oils and acrylic, and using brushes, palette knives, charcoal, pens and pencils, Annette’s sketching gets back to basics with ink and watercolour for speed, portability and practicality.


If you have an interest in sketching, drawing or painting, finding out more about Urban Sketchers Languedoc or taking part in one of Annette’s workshops, follow the Sketch Languedoc Facebook page for details www.facebook.com/sketchlanguedoc


The sketch featured on the cover was all done on location not far from her home, and includes her yellow Citroën 2CV - also known as ‘Beryl’. You can watch the video of her putting pen to paper on YouTube http://bit.ly/sketchlanguedocyoutube