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 Languedoc News traductions
Traductions Français -> Anglais
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Languedoc News publie le magazine Languedoc Sun entièrement en Anglais tous les 2 mois à 10 000 ex.

La partie traduction a été créée suite aux nombreuses demandes que nous recevons au magazine.

Les traductions sont faites par des personnes de langue maternelle anglaise et nous sommes toujours très attentifs pour garder le sens culturel et moral dans la langue traduite.

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Languedoc & Provence Sun N°52 (July-August-September 2014)

You may have noticed that this issue covers the months of July, August and September. After much debate, discussions and sleepless nights, we have decided that the best way forward for Languedoc & Provence SUN would be to become a quarterly publication. In practice, this means that the magazine will now be published four times a year instead of six, each issue covering 3 months.

The main objective of the magazine has always been to provide quality articles and content about our region and its many attributes. Going quarterly will give us more time to research potential articles, interview interesting people, meet new contributors and gather topical and useful information for you our readers.

This new version will have more pages than the previous one, allowing us to increase the content of each issue, giving you more reading material in one piece.

You may have become familiar with our regular contributors, who do a fantastic job. I take this opportunity to thank them warmly for their valuable input and great imagination, whatever the topic. If you have a little bit of spare time occasionally and share our love of writing, I’m always on the lookout for good quality articles about our area: it could just be your own story, or the portrait of someone you know, a beautiful place, an interesting festival. Whatever the idea, let
me know about it, our next contributor could be you!

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can always email me. In the meantime, I hope you keep on reading the magazine; the kind comments we receive always make all the hard work worthwhile. Have a nice holiday!


Carole Rommene, Editor


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