Velouté d’avocats (Languedoc Sun N°28 / Provence Sun N°1)

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languedoc_sun_recipe_38Velouté d’avocats
Preparation: 10 mins

2 ripe avocados
1 lemon
300 ml of milk, not skimmed
300 ml water
1 small clove of garlic
1 tsp of curry powder
A pinch of chopped chives
1 chicken stock cube
1 tbsp spoon of olive oil
Salt and pepper

Remove the avocado flesh and place in a blender with the squeezed lemon juice.
Add the curry powder, the peeled garlic clove, the olive oil and the milk.
Add the water flavoured with the stock cube.
Season with salt and pepper according to taste.
Pour into individual ramekins.
Decorate with the chopped chives. Serve chilled.

It can be presented in small glasses (verrines) at the aperitif.

Languedoc & Provence Sun N°53 (Autumn 2014)

Well, I think that’s it. The sun cream has finally given its last breath, my loyal flip-flops have ended up in the recycling bin and the children are off to school. I guess we are back to normal life and believe it or not, it is time to think about… Christmas! Oh noooo I’ll hear you scream, but as we are now quarterly, this issue will cover October, November and December – three months packed with ideas of things to do, visit, drink and eat.

We are always happy to welcome new contributors, but we are truly spoilt this time. Rachel Baker, journalist, food writer and now proud inhabitant of Apt, has joined the ranks (p10 & 32), and so has author Janice Macdonald (p12), who will follow for the next 12 months the inside life of a wine domain for us. We also welcome on board Richard Simpson-Birks (p15). And I’m sure you will carry on enjoying our regular contributors Bernice Clark (p8), Janice Lert (p6), Camille Vourc'h (p29) and Caren Trafford (p22), who has kindly donated books for our fantastic kids drawing competition (p28).

Enjoy the falling leaves, the chestnuts, the early nights by the fire with a good book, and when you feel ready to think about it, have a lovely Christmas...

Carole Rommene, Editor


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