Julienne of spring vegetables for a spring family! (Languedoc Sun N°26)

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Recipe kindly offered by lepanierpaysan.com, "fresh produce delivered to your door."


2 white onions
2 sausages with the skin removed
A handful of pois gourmands
5 carrots
5 small artichokes “petits violets de Provence”
250g peas
The green tips of some asparagus


Soften the sliced onions in 2 soup spoons of olive oil. Add the sausage meat (which has been softened in a little water).
Add the peeled carrots cut in rounds, the pois gourmands, the artichokes (remove their leaves, cut off the tips and slice into 4 parts, the peas, salt and pepper. Cook slowly for about an hour adding a little water from time to time. 20 min. before the end of the cooking time, add the asparagus tips. In order to keep the vegetables crisp, don’t overcook.
Accompany the vegetables with rocket or mesclun (mixed salad leaves) and season with a little xérès vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper.

Languedoc & Provence Sun N°54 (Winter 2015)

Dear readers,

It’s been 10 years since the first issue of Languedoc Sun was published, time does fly! Life has changed a lot for me in that time: I started with two toddlers; I now have stroppy teenagers, which can only mean one thing: that I am an old creep as far as they’re concerned.

I have learnt a lot over the years and I have been lucky to meet some wonderful people along the way, starting with our lovely editors Wendy, Ed, Jacquie, Laura, Elisabeth, Angela & now Carole. Life has changed a lot for them too and I like to think that the magazine may have helped them to experience positive things.

Thanks to Languedoc Sun, I’ve shared a lot of people’s passion and had some fabulous experiences. This magazine gave my life a meaning when I moved back to France. It has opened my eyes and helped me to appreciate this world and the wide variety of people within it. I must admit I feel a little protective of it, as if it were my baby and I know the rest of my wonderful team feels the same. I’d like to express a warm thank you to Carole, Vincent, Griet, Caroline our webmaster and Yvonnick our treasurer for the great work they do, as well as to all our excellent contributors who help us to be what we are. And of course to our advertisers who carry on trusting us.

Each time someone send me an article which I can then share with you all, it’s magic...

Thanks for all your support and lovely letters during these 10 years. I wish you all a Happy New Year.
Long life to Languedoc & Provence Sun.

Laurence Boxall,



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