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ImageVal Littman and Linda Korolewski :
After establishing successful careers in America’s corporate life and Chicago Real Estate and over twenty five years of marriage, Val and Linda decided to exchange their multiple graduate degrees, their professional licenses and certifications, their successful careers, and their Chicago urban lifestyle for life in the South of France.

Formed by their past religious life, ministry, teaching, social work and psychology, they bring to their new life and to this book a perceptive, prayerful, carefully considered and often comical view of la vie en France.

Born in 1948, they are among the Baby Boomer generation that has often pushed the cultural envelope, crossing over to living their lives in new ways.  Their early retirement at age 53 puts them at the edge of those many in that generation who will be living out their own dreams of a good life in “The Third Age”, and the growing trend of international living.

Their unique hospitality at Le petit jardin de l’âme is more than a B&B.  It is a visit to the south of France that will soothe your soul, refresh your spirit, and let you dream again. Visit their web site at  Better still; visit them in the south of France.


A Bright Sun & Long ShadowsImage

This book is a picture of life in France unlike the many we read during our years of preparation before we made the decision to retire to the Midi. The book, as originally envisioned would have chronicled our adjustments to French life. It would have reflected its charming curiosities with a little irony, and a lot of  “looking at the bright side of things”. It would have been like too many others. A BRIGHT SUN & LONG SHADOWS grew beyond the initial intent. It grew into a book that reflects how deeply the building of our new life has been affected by the dark side of French culture and the everyday ways of the people living around us.

As we tell our story, we hope, that indeed, you will see the charm of France, for France has much charm.  She is the original femme fatale.  In this book I hope to show what others often overlook.  The Shadow Side of life in France is less talked about, generally not printed, and yet affects every moment of life in France.

The book is currently available locally at The Book In Bar 8, rue Bras de Fer, 34000 Montpellier. Or from the publisher direct or even

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