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Écrivain, Gilbert Léautier reçoit dès 1969 l’Oscar de la création, décerné par Jean Vilar, pour sa pièce Marespoir. À la fin des années 1970, ses pièces de théâtre La Jacassière et La Démarieuse tiennent le haut de l’affiche à Paris - Madeleine Renaud est la marraine de sa pièce La Matriarche. Gilbert Léautier choisit alors d’écrire pour la radio, des pièces et des nouvelles. Cette oeuvre est couronnée, en 1986, par le très prestigieux Prix de la Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques. Entre-temps, il aura collectionné deux premiers prix de la communauté radiophonique des programmes de langue française, performance restée unique. En 1987, il écrit Le lutin aux rubans, un livre jeunesse immédiatement distingué par le Prix Ragazzi de Bologne, la référence européenne en la matière. Dès lors, Gilbert Léautier arrête d’écrire pour se consacrer à la rénovation du château d’Aujac, en Cévennes, région qu’il a découverte au début des années 1960 et où il s’est définitivement installé en 1974.


Pour planter des arbres dans le jardin des autres (in French)Image

Occasionally, you meet a set of stories so compressed and alive you may wonder if there is really any need for novels hundreds of pages long. As you read, imagination opens and reaches out far beyond the visible limits of the tale. Gilbert Léautier’s Pour planter des arbres au jardin des autres (Vol. 1) is one of these, and any reader of French with an interest in the Cévennes and its people will get great pleasure from it.

These brief narrative sketches, each one based on and named after a country neighbour, convey so well the character of the mountainous land and the reticent, Protestant, solid, and (in the end) hospitable people who live in it. This little book (published in Switzerland in 1982 and now for the first time in France is a delight with all the resonance of a poetic novel.

Editions Alcide, Nîmes 10€

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Languedoc & Provence Sun N°54 (Winter 2015)

Dear readers,

It’s been 10 years since the first issue of Languedoc Sun was published, time does fly! Life has changed a lot for me in that time: I started with two toddlers; I now have stroppy teenagers, which can only mean one thing: that I am an old creep as far as they’re concerned.

I have learnt a lot over the years and I have been lucky to meet some wonderful people along the way, starting with our lovely editors Wendy, Ed, Jacquie, Laura, Elisabeth, Angela & now Carole. Life has changed a lot for them too and I like to think that the magazine may have helped them to experience positive things.

Thanks to Languedoc Sun, I’ve shared a lot of people’s passion and had some fabulous experiences. This magazine gave my life a meaning when I moved back to France. It has opened my eyes and helped me to appreciate this world and the wide variety of people within it. I must admit I feel a little protective of it, as if it were my baby and I know the rest of my wonderful team feels the same. I’d like to express a warm thank you to Carole, Vincent, Griet, Caroline our webmaster and Yvonnick our treasurer for the great work they do, as well as to all our excellent contributors who help us to be what we are. And of course to our advertisers who carry on trusting us.

Each time someone send me an article which I can then share with you all, it’s magic...

Thanks for all your support and lovely letters during these 10 years. I wish you all a Happy New Year.
Long life to Languedoc & Provence Sun.

Laurence Boxall,



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